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Consume energy at the intensity you want and reduce your bills by 80% by installing solar panels

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  • Price starts at2.600€
  • Estimated annual production of the installation2.683 kWh
  • Estimated payback period8 years
  • Installed power1,5 kWp
  • Estimated required area8 m2
  • Estimated annual savings320€
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  • Price starts at4.200€
  • Estimated annual production of the installation5.366 kWh
  • Estimated payback period6,5 years
  • Installed power3 kWp
  • Estimated required area16 m2
  • Estimated annual savings645€
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  • Price starts at5.700€
  • Estimated annual production of the installation8.048 kWh
  • Estimated payback period6 years
  • Installed power4,5 kWp
  • Estimated required area24 m2
  • Estimated annual savings965€
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Benefit of emovili Solar

Consume energy at the intensity you want without worrying about your bill at the end of the month. Installing photovoltaic panels is one of the most popular options for self-consumption.

  • Significantly reduce your electricity bill.
  • Less dependence on changes in electricity rates.
  • Use 100% renewable and pollution-free energy.

Reduce your home electricity bill by consuming the energy generated by your solar modules.

Pour into the electric network the energy that you do not need, and we compensate it on your bill.

As soon as your solar panels start to work, the consumption of the network decreases and your bill will as well. It is an investment that you will recover sooner than you imagine.

Clean energy, unlimited and available every day.

By installing solar panels we reduce CO2 emissions:

  • 2,455 kWh saved per year.
  • 1,056 kg of CO2 not emitted per year.

Generate free energy from day one

Photovoltaic power installations are very profitable.

Self-consumption is a long-term investment, which can increase the value of your home.

Green energy solutions and services for your Residents' Association

  • We offer you different flexible payment options.
  • We manage your solar installation in a comprehensive way, from design to commissioning.
  • We take care of the maintenance of your installation so that your only concern is saving.
  • At emovili we advise and accompany you throughout the process.


We will study your case and prepare a budget based on your needs.


We will go to your home to check the feasibility of the installation.


The installer will inform you of the operation and control from the emovili Solar App.


We install with all the guarantees and finance.

Finance your solar panels from €75 / month

With the energy produced by your panels you will achieve significant savings on your bill. Check our payment conditions and assess the profitability of financing your installation. Request information in contacto@emovili.com

Power performance
Energy independence
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