emovili is a 100% Spanish company, specialized in the energy transition, electric mobility, and renewable energy. It operates throughout Spain and has a powerful R&D engineering department.

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Smart and Green Business

emovili was born in 2017 with a strong belief in advising clients towards green and digital energy. Currently, we have positioned ourselves as a leading energy platform in the installation of charging solutions for electric vehicles and photovoltaic solar energy.

Quality, experience and service

We provide customized solutions that maximize energy efficiency. We have the best technology, and the best team who is highly specialized and undergoing constant training thanks to our emovili Academy online school.

ISO 9001 Certificate

We are ISO 9001 certified in Quality Management Systems. We work according to specification ITC-BT-52-F2I2s (Spain’s Low Voltage Complementary Technical Instruction No. 52), specifically for Electric Vehicle Power Systems (SAVE in Spanish).


Toll Free Phone: 900 827 421
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WhatsApp at 672 428 018

Where do we work?

In all of Spain!



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