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Consume energy at the intensity you want and reduce your bills by 80% by installing solar panels

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Solar plans for Private Homes

  • Top brand photovoltaic panels.
  • High-end inverters.
  • Subsidy processing and advice.
  • We have financing from € 75 / month.

Solar Plans for Residents' Associations

If you need a personalized plan for your Residents' Association, request it without obligation. Fill in our web form and tell us about your project.

Solar plans for Companies or Public Administrations

It reflects your company's commitment to the environment. Positively impact your CSR policies by improving the values of your company. We install in any location.

Why install solar panels?

Our installations consist of:

  • 440 W Photovoltaic solar panels.
  • Single-phase or three-phase inverters.
  • Structure, wiring, standard parts and fuse box Optional intelligent monitoring installation: you will be able to see how much energy it produces and consumes through the network, from the panels and what we pour into the network.
  • Processing and obtaining of your Low Voltage Electrical Installation Certificate (CIBT in Spanish).
  • Procedures and advice for state financial aid available.
Clean energy, unlimited and available every day.

By installing solar panels we reduce CO2 emissions:

  • 2,455 kWh saved per year.
  • 1,056 kg of CO2 not emitted per year.

Equivalent to:

Planting 11 trees
Traveling +8,000 km by car
1.23 flights to New York
Reducing your carbon footprint by more than 6%
Generate free energy from day one.

Photovoltaic energy installations are very profitable.
Self-consumption is a long-term investment, which can reach increase the value of your home.

Save up to


of consumption on your bill

The Earth receives 6,000 times the energy we consume from the sun

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Finance your solar panels from €75 / month

With the energy produced by your panels you will achieve significant savings on your bill. Check our payment conditions and assess the profitability of financing your installation. Request information in contacto@emovili.com

Power performance
Energy independence
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